Support Sites: More Power for Your SEO

We provide a range of SEO packages for different budgets, but we can also provide you with support sites to give your SEO an even bigger boost. If you want to get the complete package, support sites are a great option. However, they are not obligatory and you can still achieve excellent results without them. These are just a way for you to get even more from our services if you want an extra boost.

What Are Support Sites?

Support sites are small, simple websites that we set up quickly and then work on them to convert them into authority websites for four of your most important keywords. When they reach the first page of the search engines, we then use them as a source of powerful links pointing back to your website. Many of our clients win more business through the support sites themselves.

Are Support Sites Necessary?

You do not need to take advantage of support sites to get excellent results, but they are a way to provide your SEO with an even greater boost. Remember that you will still get excellent results with one of our standard SEO packages, but support sites are a way for you to get even more from your SEO.

How Do They Work?

We break down our support sites into six stages, which include:

1. Keyword Research

We will discuss your main keywords and then use research techniques to find the ones that you should be focusing on. The aim with these keywords is to rank highly for them in a short space of time, so they should not be too competitive.

2. Domain Registration

We will then get you an exact match domain of your main keyword to boost the power of your site.

3. Website Creation

Next we will set up the support site as a WordPress site, and we will tweak it to maximise its SEO potential.

4. Content Creation

We have a unique system where we can add 50 new pages or more to your website each month to show the search engines that your site is growing, and we will also provide a wide range of keyword links. Some content from each page will also be copied to a number of other secondary sites like Blogger, which can then link back to the original page.

5. Website Optimisation

With the support site and the five other small sites set up, we will then use our own strategies to optimise these further. When we start working on this, you can check our ranking system every day to find out how your site is performing.

6. Backlink Generation

We will optimise the site until it lands on Google’s first page, and we will then add backlinks to the support site pointing back to you main site.

Our Top Recommendation

One support site can be very powerful, but we recommend beginning with a few, usually at least five. The idea here is that the support sites will start to generate you more business on their own and start to pay for themselves. You can then use the extra money that you generate through them to pay for more support sites and build even more powerful links to your main website.

What’s the Cost?

We have two separate prices for support sites.

If you already have an SEO package with us, the price is: £XX

If you do not have an SEO package with us, the price is: £XX

This is great value for money, when you think that:

  • We won’t lock you into a long contract.
  • The price includes a domain name as well as all hosting and setup costs.
  • We will provide you with 50 pages or more of fresh content every month.
  • We will also create five separate sites for each support site you launch.
  • You can always check the daily progress of your site using our online ranking system.
  • You can pay a fee after 12 months if you want and we will give you the support site so that you can do what you want with it.

Vast List of Niches

With the content system, we can create unique content in a huge list of niches, so no matter what niche you operate in you should be able to take advantage of our system. Also, even if we are unable to get your exact niche, as long as the niche is related then the technique will still prove to be very effective.

Get Your Support Site Now

You can get your own support site set up very easily, and all you have to do is contact us to let us know that you are interested. Alternatively, if you have any questions at all then we will be happy to answer them.