Q:How long have you been achieving top rankings in the search engines?

A: We have been getting our clients’ websites to the top of the search engine results pages since way back in 1995. We have progressed and changed with the times to continue to get results even though the search landscape has changed dramatically during this time.


Q: How long will it take for my website to hit the first page?

A: No ethical SEO firm can guarantee a timeframe for your website getting onto the first page of the search engine results as there are simply too many factors involved, so don’t believe anyone who makes any promises to you. Instead, we always say to give it three months, but we will always try to get you the results you need as soon as we can.


Q: Do you ever rely on black-hat tactics?

A: No we don’t, we never have and we never will. These will only serve to get your website punished by the search engines and we steer well clear of them.


Q: How long are your contracts?

A: We will never tie you into a long contract as all of our contracts last just a single month, and you are free to cancel them whenever you want to. But we always recommend waiting for about three months before making any decisions because this is how long it can take to start seeing results.


Q: What sort of discounts do you provide on your plans?

A: We are happy to discuss discounts if you are keen to take out multiple plans, so get in touch to find out more.


Q: Will you send me reports on my website’s progress?

A: Yes, we will provide you with access to our online system in which you can check your ranking daily in a simple way so that you can keep track of how each of your keywords are progressing.


Q: Why can’t I see my backlinks appearing in the main search engines?

A: You will not be able to find the most recent links in the search engines as they do not show them, but you can get a good idea of your backlinks using the Yahoo! Site Explorer tool.


Q: Do you provide services to clients based overseas?

A: Yes, many of our clients are based in other countries so it does not matter where you live.


Q: How should I find out which keywords I should be targeting?

A: We have access to some very powerful systems that allow us to target the very best keywords for you right from the start so you don’t have to worry about this.


Q: Why did you not answer your phone when I called?

A: Although we are around most of the time, sometimes we may be attending a meeting and unable to answer the phone. Please just leave us a message in this case or send us an email and we will get back to you shortly.


Q: Why do you charge less than other SEO companies?

A: We are able to charge less because we automate a lot of what we do. We love automation, and it allows us to carry out simple and repetitive tasks so that we can cut our costs and pass them onto you. We only ever automate a process where it involves something very simple and repetitive, such as creating an account on a website, and whenever human analysis is involved we never automate.


Q: How do you accept payment?

A: We are able to accept BACS as well as all major credit and debit cars, standing orders and wire transfers.


Q: If I close my account, will I lose all the work you have done for me?

A: We hope you don’t decide to close your account, but rest assured that any work that we have done for you will not be lost. Some of our competitors rent their links out, and you lose them when you close your account, but that is not how we work. If you close your account, we will just stop generating new links and content, but everything up to that point will be yours.


Q: What shall I provide you with in order to start working on my SEO?

A: All that we will need is for you to sign our contract and provide initial payment, and we will then need 10 features and benefits that you want us to focus on for your products or services. We also ask for a couple of hours of your time during the first week for a telephone chat to go over strategies, and we will also need an email address for you in order for us to confirm accounts.


Q: My website may require a lot of work before it can be SEO’d properly. Is this OK?

A: In this case, we can either leave the website as it is – although results may come more slowly – or we can provide you with a report for recommended changes to make to improve the site. And if you want, we can even make these changes for you.


Q: I’d like to refer another client to you. Is this OK?

A: Of course! And if you want you can sign up with our affiliate scheme so that you can earn a commission by recommending clients to us.


Q: Can I make any changes to my keywords or my website after taking out a plan?

A: Yes, this is fine and we are always very flexible when it comes to making changes.


Q: Can you explain to me the difference between primary and secondary keywords?

A: A primary keyword is the most important keyword for a group (e.g. roses), and the secondary keywords are based upon this (e.g. red roses, white roses, roses for sale, etc). If you have many products in unrelated groups, you would have a primary keyword for each group along with a number of secondary keywords.


Q: When my keywords start to rank well, can I change these?

A: Yes, once your first lot of keywords start ranking we can move onto another set of keywords. So the longer we carry on working on your SEO, the more keywords you will start to rank for, and this is how the process works on all of our plans.


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